From the moment you step in until the moment you leave you are in the safest hands.
Complementary and alternative therapies take a holistic approach to your physical and mental health. Every treatment is delivered holistically, and is bespokely tailored to your personal requests and requirements; this means you receive a true treat for your mind, your body, and your soul.



Complementary & Alternative


£29.50 - 70

Immerse yourself in tranquillity and calm and bring your body back into harmony as you experience this soothing, nurturing massage coupled with the therapeutic benefits of prescriptively blended essential oils.

This soothing massage, along with the delicious aromas of essential oils, will take you to a deep level of relaxation and help bring your body back into harmony. This nurturing, natural, holistic treatment is the ultimate in relaxation and rebalancing.
As a Qualified Aromatherapist, I will select, and prescriptively blend essential oils especially for you taking into account your requirements and desired outcomes. Oils are selected for you to promote natural healing and assist in bringing your body, your mind, and your spirit back into balance.
Whether it’s soothing, relaxing, stimulating, remedial, or uplifting, a synergistic blend of essential oils can enhance your experience and treatment.
The benefits of an aromatherapy massage can last for several days.

(30 / 60 / 75 / 90 mins)

Clinical Aromatherapy


Clinical Aromatherapy is the therapeutic use and application of essential oils for therapeutic outcomes. Whilst one aromatherapy session is amazing, your body can really benefit from weekly sessions.

After thorough consultation prior to your initial appointment where your health, requirements, objectives and expectations are discussed, a treatment plan is agreed and essential oils are blended to best achieve these desired results.
Essential oils can help with a vast range of issues and conditions including, but not limited to, reducing stress, stimulating the immune stem, promoting healing and reducing disease symptoms.
*sessions to be taken within a month of purchase / commencement of package.

(4 x sessions at 75 min each)

Ear Candling


Ear Candling is believed to help with stress, build-up of wax, tinnitus, sinusitis, rhinitis, vertigo, hay fever, tonsillitis, headaches and migraines, post flu where ears, nose and throat remain affected, pain when flying, participants of regular swimming and diving.

Unlike conventional wax candles, a Hopi Ear Candle is actually a cotton tube, impregnated with beeswax, honey and therapeutic oils.

The ear candle is inserted painlessly into the ear. The candles work using the process of convection. The burning of the candle helps to draw softer waxes and toxins from the ear. Some of these are then oxidised or turned into vapours and burnt. The warm air from the burning candle passes into the ear canal before being gently drawn back up to the top of the candle in a chimney effect.

The warm air containing the herbal extract vapours from the candle helps to soothe and invigorate the ear.The treatment is soothing and helpful for earache, ear noise and stress. A massage of the face and scalp is also included in the treatment.

(40 mins)

Indian Head Massage

£29.50 - 34.50

Release trapped tension with this wonderful therapy based on ancient Ayurvedic healing. Fantastic for headaches, neck & shoulder tension, insomnia, migraines, sinus problems, and stress.

The treatment includes massage of your upper back, neck & shoulders, your head, your decollete, and an extremely relaxing pressure point massage of your face.  Your arms may be added if desired.

Stimulation of the nerves in the head is believed to have a beneficial and balancing effect on your whole body, and is also said to improve condition of your scalp and your hair.

(30 / 40 mins)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is an advanced therapy which uses a range of specialised and gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to help stimulate your lymphatic system.

This is a very light, rhythmic massage technique that encourages lymph (the fluid that bathes the cells) to flow more freely around your body. This massage stimulates your lymphatic system and helps increase the elimination of toxins and bacteria leaving you feeling less sluggish with a great sense of well-being.
MLD is also deeply relaxing to the sympathetic nervous system.
MLD is beneficial for everyone! It is believed to help with a number of conditions – such as swollen ankles in pregnancy , varicose veins , sinusitis, puffy eyes, acne – and disorders. It is considered an MOT for the body and a great bi-yearly boost to your immune system.

(30 / 60 mins)

Oncology Massage


Oncology massage is a specialist massage therapy for those who
have been diagnosed with, or are recovering from, cancer.

Oncology massage is tailored to you; your health, the treatment you are receiving and your well-being. It uses expert techniques and can be gentle and relaxing or a firmer, deeper massage working within your body’s boundaries to address muscular tension and injuries.

(TBC mins)


Castle Building


A nurturing and highly effective relaxation treatment which is perfect for those who may be convalescing, or for whom regular massage is not advisable. Also ideal for clients who prefer to remain fully clothed.

Basalt and marble stones are gently tucked around your body cocooning and nurturing you. Whilst you are relaxing and basking in the energy of the stones, a gentle massage of your head and temple is carried out.

Castle building is a great, nurturing addition to many other treatments you enjoy such as reiki, reflexology, and facials.

(30 mins)

LaStone Reflexology


Reflexology is a natural therapy treating your whole body by gently working specific reflex points on your feet.  Adding warmed, smooth basalt and cooler marble stones will take your treatment to the next level!

Reflexology is believed to restore and maintain your body’s natural equilibrium.

Lavish your feet and lift your soul with this luxury reflexology treatment.  

Includes spinal layout and crystal placement.

(40 mins)

LaStone Cloud Nine


Using beautiful crystals and stones, this is a face-sculpt massage (gua-sha) and reflexology treatment with a twist….

…it will leave you feeling like you have had a whole body experience. 

This crystal facial massage and reflexology combination promotes balance of your mind, body and soul. Incorporating gentle energy work with crystals and stones of alternating temperatures to bring about a sense of relaxation and wellness.
Rest your eyes as you start to unwind and let go whilst the stones weave their magic.

Using premium, organic, vegan-friendly products to ensure you not only feel amazing but that your skin looks great too!


(75 mins)

Ocean Daydream


Treat your mind, body, and soul with this new package that combines the healing powers of a LaStone treatment with wonderfully rich sea buckthorn oil and ocean inspired essential oils.

Your face, feet and back are massaged in this treatment which will leave you feeling amazing.

Let go of your stresses and cares as you sink into the treatment couch.

Your treatment commences with a crystal facial massage incorporating warmed gua-sha, rose-quartz, jade and crystals.

A specially blended oil incorporating sea buckthorn and seaweed extract will revive, renew, and replenish your skin.

Sea buckthorn is the richest oil on the earth, containing natural minerals and vitamins – a true treat for your skin as it is reviving, renewing, replenishing and anti-aging.  Extract of sea plants are added to the buckthorn which additionally help with any anti-aging of your skin due to sun damage, over-eating or poor lifestyle.

Then follows an anxiety busting reflexology treatment. This combines heated basalt stones with cooler marble and crystals. Warmed basalt is believed to warm your muscles and body making you feel as though Mother Earth is hugging you. Cooler stones help eliminate blockages, releasing tension and stress, calming your emotions.

A gentle back massage incorporating 7  aromatic essential oils that will remind you of the ocean are sequentially massaged into your back with aoothing, warmed basalt. The essential oils have been selected for their calming, relaxing, rejuvenating, rebalancing, fortifying and nourishing properties – all working with your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Finally, an ocean drum will gently resonate over you, sounding like the waves and transporting you to the beach where your treatment concludes.

(60 mins)

Energy Treatment


This LaStone treatment brings healing, balance and rejuvenation to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies and well-being.

Starting with the LaStone ritual, warmed stones and crystals are carefully placed on your seven main chakras connecting your energy from head to toe.
Warmed stones are placed in your palms, and smaller, pebble-like stones placed between your toes.
You are then cocooned in stones of varying temperatures which will assist in relaxing and calming your nervous system whilst allowing you to sink into a deep sense of tranquility.
Whilst you are cocooned and drifting into a deeply relaxed state, an energy treatment of your choice is carried out.
Please choose from reiki, reflexology or scalp and facial massage.

What is Reflexology? Read about it here.

(60 mins)

LaStone Massage


Heated smooth basalt & jade stones soothe your muscles and ease away your tensions whilst cooler marble stones assist in reducing any inflammation and tissue trauma. 


This treatment allows your body to be healed whilst at the same time enabling you to enter into a sublime level of relaxation.

To learn more, please visit

(60 mins)




Reflexology is an extremely restful and calming treatment, allowing the body and mind to relax.  All the systems of your body work optimally when they are in harmony; when your body, mind and spirit are balanced.

Reflexology is carried out fully clothed with just your lower legs and feet exposed.

Not sure if reflexology is for you?  Try a 30 minute taster session for just £26.

(45 mins)

Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage


Reflexology Lymph Drainage is an award-winning Reflexology treatment that specifically targets your lymphatic system.

This advanced treatment focuses on stimulating the lymphatic reflexes on the feet and was developed by Sally Kay whilst working in cancer care.

RLD has been shown to assist with the management of secondary lymphoedema  which has occurred as a result of treatment for breast, or other cancers. Results show that over a period of time there can be a significant reduction of fluid in the affected limb.  Regular treatments assist in preventing further fluid build-up.

RLD studies have documented fantastic results in people with primary and secondary lymphedema;  published research shows the results of the technique to be ‘highly significant’.

Lymphoedema is defined as tissue swelling due to the failure of lymph drainage.

Your lymphatic system plays a key role in your body’s immune system so, targeting the key areas of your feet corresponding to the lymphatics, while also focusing on areas of concern, is a very effective way of stimulating your body’s own response to reduce swelling, clear out toxins and blockages and boost increase your ability to fight infection.

Excellent for secondary lymphedema and believed to help with arthritis, asthma, eczema, chronic fatigue, ME, fibromyalgia, sinus problems, migraines, headaches, muscular tension, aches & pains, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS/PMT).

For facts and figures of the studies, please visit Sally Kay website

(45 mins)

LaStone Reflexology


Reflexology is a natural therapy treating your whole body by gently working specific reflex points on your feet.  Adding warmed, smooth basalt and deliciously cooled marble stones will take your treatment to the next level!

Reflexology is believed to restore and maintain your body’s natural equilibrium.

Lavish your feet and lift your soul with this luxury reflexology treatment.  

Includes spinal layout and crystal chakra placement.

(45 mins)

Aroma Reflex


Aroma~Reflex combines the power of essential oils and reflexology.
Imagine the deep relaxation you feel with a nurturing reflexology treatment. Now, add the delightful scents of bespokely blended essential oils, inhale their therapeutic aromas as you relax whilst receiving your extra long reflexology session.

Your treatment begins with a foot and lower leg massage using your personalised blend. Then follow a full reflexology treatment. The session concludes with a closing ritual.
Your skin will absorb your bespoke blend which can enhance your well-being and can assist in enabling your body, mind and soul to receive maximum benefits from this luxurious, therapeutic treatment.
Dependent upon your personal blend, Aroma-Reflex is believed to help:

  • Promote relaxation for stress and sleep issues.
  • Energise your tired mind and body
  • Bring about balance to your endocrine system.
  • Ease muscular aches and pains.
  • Boost your immune system.

(60 mins)

Clinical Reflexology


Do you have a particular issue you would like to address?
Are you feeling a little ‘meh’.
This extended reflexology session is a treat for your feet!

All the systems of the body are worked on the feet~ musculoskeletal, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine, nervous, and lymphatic.
Working gently and rhythmically, I am able to detect any imbalances that may be present as a result of stress, illness or injury and stimulate these areas with advanced techniques to encourage your body to achieve homeostasis and self-healing.
Reflexology can work alongside conventional medical care and can help restore energy levels, improve your sleep and help you feel emotionally and physically stronger.

(60 mins)

Reflexology for Menopause



Reflexology has been found to be very effective in helping both the physical and emotional symptoms of the menopause without the side effects associated with drug based treatments. It truly is a wonderful therapy to help women in their journey through the menopause.

Menopause is a time to pause and reframe.  Who would you like to be for this next stage of your life, and how can you achieve that?.  

Reflexology can help to reduce the stressthat can cause a lot of perimenopausal and menpausal symptoms. 

This advanced treatment focuses on balancing the endocrine system which in turn will help alleviate symptoms of perimenopause such as hot flushes and anxiety.  Reflexology is additionally believed to help with sleep disturbances, bone loss, and regulating the ovaries.

In fact, research carried out at the UK School of Complementary Health in Exeter indicated a marked decrease in anxiety, depression, insomnia, hot flushes and night sweats amongst menopausal women who received regular reflexology over a 4 month period. (click here for link to research)  


(45 mins)


I offer an extensive range of treatments to keep you feeling relaxed and looking fabulous.