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Whether you are looking to treat a special someone with a massage workshop, or looking to add to an existing skillset, please get in touch so we can discuss further.



Training & Workshops

Couples / Friends Massage Workshop


Have you ever wanted to give your partner, family or friends a wonderful massage? Does someone you know need to improve their massage techniques? Why not book on a massage workshop! Have fun and learn something new whilst spending quality time with your partner or friend. You may be a couple, two friends, or a single who can bring a model to work on. During this 3 hour workshop I will teach you how to give a safe, full body, relaxation massage to your partner or other family or friends.

This is a totally practical session covering basic massage strokes where you will learn simple yet proficient techniques and discover how to give a wonderful, safe, and effective body massage. As well as practicing on each other, you’ll get a detailed set of notes during the workshop to help you remember what you learned when you get home.

You won’t get a formal qualification or be able to work on the general public, but you will be able to massage your partner or other friends confidently and safely after the workshop.
Scientific studies conclude that touch has the power to improve health, relationships and wellbeing, yet very few are trained in the art of massage, book your workshop today!
Only one couple per workshop so that you feel completely comfortable

If you are a group of four we can arrange for you to learn together at a reduced rate.

(180 mins)

LaStone Official Trainer

£POA - Please Contact For Prices

I am delighted to have been recently appointed one of four UK trainers teaching the renowned LaStone Geothermy therapy.
Being a LaStone therapist will make you stand out from your competitors and give you the confidence to provide safe and effective treatments for your clients.

LaStone is the application of Geo-Thermal Therapy through the use of heated stones alternated with cooler stones to bring about a chemical release within the body’s systems. The physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven, and adjusting different temperatures on the body to aid in healing and to gain certain reactions has been used throughout time.
Training as a LaStone Therapist is the perfect way to learn how to use temperature, through stones, to offering true therapeutic healing, and a personalised treatment plan for each and every client. Offering LaStone geothermy with a depth of understanding is a tremendous value for both you and your clients.

In your training I will show you how to use these different temperatures to bring about balance and healing in your clients.
Please contact me for more details of the courses available or to arrange a date for training.

Massage / Holistic / Beauty Training & CPD

(timings & prices Vary)

I am delighted to be able to offer a variety of one-to-one and small group training in a number of treatments.
Whether you are just starting on your journey as a therapist, are looking to learn more skills, or would like a refresher course, I can help!

Training is available in a number of modalities – further details to follow shortly.

Please contact me for more details of the courses available or to arrange a date for training.


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