You can book your facial as a one-off treatment; weekly to combat specific concerns; or, for maintenance, a monthly facial is recommended.

In skincare, results are predominately cumulative.  Please remember that, no matter which facial you choose, whilst your skin will feel fabulous after just one treatment, the maximum results are always achieved when treatments are performed regularly.

I use premium, aromatherapy based facial products.  

Facials use Eve Taylor renowned professional aromatherapy skin-care products, and Neals Yard Organic skincare.  Every facial is tailored to you ensuring the very best results for your skin.

All products contain the highest quality essential oils and are natural. Please advise on booking if you are vegan and I will ensure your facial treatment is vegan-friendly.




Discover Organic Facial


The ideal introduction to professional skincare that will leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished & glowing.

Let the aromatic aromas soothe your body and soul as you relax into your treatment and sink into the couch. Neals Yard luxurious, organic, highly-effective skincare products will be chosen especially for your skin type and any concerns you may have. Your skin will be treated with deliciously aromatic essential oils and premium  ingredients which will help brighten your skin and restore its natural moisture.  This treatment includes double cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage, mask, scalp massage and application of nourishing moisturiser.

All Neals Yard products are organic and animal friendly.  Please mention when booking your facial if you would like your treatment to be vegan friendly and I will ensure I select the appropriate products. 

(30 mins)

LaStone® FaceSculpt Crystal Facial


Combining gently heated basalt, rose quartz gua-sha, and jade with subtly cooled marble, crystals and semi-precious stones, this facial is truly out of this world!

Starting with energy connections and chakra placement, this amazing LaStone facial is considered by many to be a whole body experience!

Stones include Rose-Quartz, renowned for their healing and energising ,and Jade for gentleness and nourishment.

(55 mins)

Ultra-Relaxing Facial


Indulge yourself with this amazing facial – you deserve it!

Commencing with a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage to soothe away your stresses and strains.  You will then receive a divine, relaxing, results-driven facial using premium aromatherapy based skincare products.  This facial includes wonderful face, neck, décolleté and scalp massage.

Please mention if you are vegan and I can ensure all products selected for your facialare vegan-friendly.

If you want to feel completely relaxed with a sense of deep tranquility, this is the facial for you!

(60 mins)

Express Facial


Enhance your body treatment with this express facial add-on.

Using skin-care products chosen especially for you, this mini-treatment will refresh, revive, and nourish your skin whilst your senses will be delighted with the professional facial products made with aromatic essential oils

Ideal for those who love a facial but are short on time this is the perfect add-on to your massage or body treatment.   

After deep cleansing your skin and buffing away dead skin cells, organic oils are used to perform an indulgent massage of your décolleté, neck and face. Finally hydrating serums and moisturisers are applied to your skin to protect and nourish.

Ideal as a ‘one- off ‘ treatment to give your skin a boost. 

Please mention, when booking if you would like me to select vegan-friendly products.

(30 mins)

Monthly Maintenance Facial


Achieve the best skin possible, with a prescriptive facial tailored to your current skin condition.

Aromatherapy products especially suited to your skin are selected to deeply cleanse, gently exfoliate and prepare your skin ready to absorb aromatic, organic massage oils and luxurious facial masques. Your skin is left replenished, hydrated and protected.

(45 mins)

Intensive Monthly Maintenance


This results-driven facial takes your skin care one step further. This treatment uses intensive exfoliants, potent aromatic essential oil blends, powerful targeted serums and speciality masques to help you achieve the best skin possible.

(60 mins)

Premium Facial Treatments

Dermogenera ‘lunch-time’ Chemical Peel


Reveal your best skin with a Dermogenera chemical peel. Dermogenera are professional, aesthetic peels that offer real results.

Incorporating AHA and BHA acids to safely and effectively stimulate dead cell turnover and renewed healthy skin cell production revealing smoother skin with diminished signs of ageing, scar tissue and pigmentation.

(30 mins)

Microdermabrasion Facial


Take your microdermabrasion facial to the next level by including a divine décolleté and facial massage with rich, organic aromatic oils, followed by a results-driven, specialised facial mask to help soothe, refine and nourish your skin.

Whilst the mask is working its magic, you receive your choice of scalp or hand/lower arm massage.

(30 mins)

Microdermabrasion Deluxe


Take your microdermabrasion facial to the next level by including a divine décolleté and facial massage with rich, organic aromatic oils, followed by a results-driven, specialised facial mask to help soothe, refine and nourish your skin.

Whilst your mask is working its magic, your choice of scalp or hand/lower arm massage will be carried out.

Serums and moisturiser complete this facial treatment.

(60 mins)

Dermalux LED Facial


Multi award-winning Dermalux LED Phototherapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses clinically proven light energy to trigger the skins natural rejuvenation and repair processes without pain or downtime. Can help with many skin conditions including ageing skin, acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

(30 mins)

Non-Surgical Face Lift


Micro-current is commonly described as “facial toning” or “non-surgical face lifting” due to the dramatic lifting effect that micro-current has on your facial muscles and facial contour. Using advanced techniques to firm, tone and lift your muscles, this treatment is believed to be the most effective non-surgical methods to take years off.

Ideal as a ‘one- off ‘ treatment to give your skin a boost. For more beneficial results, a course of 12 treatments over six weeks is recommended, followed by maintenance every 6-8 weeks

(60-70 mins)

Facials For Men

Modern Man Intensive Facial


Achieve the best skin possible. Using specialised products specifically developed for male skin. Your skin will be deeply cleansed and exfoliated, your face and neck massaged and a mask applied.

You will be completely relaxed and your skin replenished, hydrated and protected. Suitable for all male skin types.

(60 mins)

Gentlemen's Time Out Facial


Take some time to rejuvenate, refresh and energise! Starting with a back massage to work on any stresses and strains in your back, neck and shoulder, there then follows a luxurious facial, using products designed especially for men, to treat, and nourish, your skin.

(60 mins)


I offer an extensive range of treatments to keep you feeling relaxed and looking fabulous.