Reflexology is a non-intrusive complementary health therapy based on the theory that your organs and different areas of your body are mirrored in your feet, lower leg, hands , face, or ears. The most widely performed reflexology is foot reflexology and these are the treatments I offer.

Reflexology is a totally holistic therapy ~working on your mind, your body, and your spirit.

Reflexology is an extremely restful and calming treatment, allowing the body and mind to relax. All the systems of your body work optimally when they are in harmony; when your body, mind and spirit are balanced. Allowing your mind and body to deeply relax during your reflexology treatment helps them function more efficiently and assists with restoring your body’s own natural equilibrium.

Reflexology can help improve your mood, aid sleep, relieve tension and give you an overall sense of wellbeing. You may feel a sense of lightness or thoroughly relaxed. Some clients even say they feel a tingling or a sense of their body opening up.

I have been offering reflexology since the beginning of the century so you can rest assured your feet are in safe hands!

As a qualified reflexologist, I understand that it is important to treat you holistically rather than focus on specific problems.

Any trauma, stress, injury or illness you may be experiencing can upset that balance and cause your body to function less effectively. This may mean your body is working harder to compensate thereby potentially causing further problems or dis-ease.

For your reflexology session, you will be settled comfortably on the massage table. The lights will be dimmed and soft music will be playing. You will be fully clothed with only your lower legs and feet exposed.. After cleansing and assessing your feet, I will carry out some gentle relaxation movements on your feet and lower legs before commencing your reflexology treatment.

Reflexology is more than a foot massage and uses my fingers and thumbs to make precise movements on your feet.

Reflexology works holistically and, rather than just a massage working on your feet, every aspect of you ~physical, emotional, and spiritual ~ is worked through your feet.

Your feet are ‘walked’ and reflex areas, which correspond to areas of your body, stimulated with specialised reflexology movements and pressure circles. Pressing on specific points of your feet induces reflex responses in the area of the body to which they relate thereby aiding promoting healing your body to heal itself.

During your treatment you might experience some tenderness on your foot as pressure is applied, this is extremely rare, however, if you do, please do let me know as it indicates there is a corresponding imbalance in your body and allows me to focus on this. Similarly, your feet may feel hard or tight to the touch, or I might feel ‘crystals’; these too help me pinpoint imbalances and tailor your treatment to ensure you get the very best from your reflexology session.

My aim, during your treatment, is to stimulate your body’s own healing process to ensure that you maintain, or return to a state of homeostasis; this relaxing, rebalancing, enjoyable treatment manipulates your feet to bring balance to your body.

Rest assured that if you do feel any tenderness within your treatment, this will not stop it being nurturing and relaxing. Reflexology is so relaxing that you may like to close your eyes and either doze or fall asleep; please do so! ~ you will still receive all the wonderful benefits of reflexology even if you are dozing.

Your reflexology session is bespoke to you, reflexology is a very individual treatment. Your reflexology session can be:

Relaxing and nurturing, aiming to help relieve stress or anxiety, and give you a greater sense of calm and well-being.
To help with a condition or discomfort you are experiencing ~ reflexology is believed to help with a number of conditions and more about these can be found in my reflexology blog. ***
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