Your Waxing Appointment FAQs and pre & post homecare.

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Waxing tips and hints:

I’m often asked about the waxing experience, what you should do prior to waxing, how long your hair should be, how you should prepare your skin for waxing, what you should (and shouldn’t do) after your waxing, how to maintain the skin between waxing, etc., etc..

Whether you are a waxing virgin or have been waxed many times, please take a moment to read through the following to ensure you get the most from your treatment and have the best possible waxing experience.

The day before:

Gently exfoliate the areas to be waxed the day before treatment.  This will help prepare your skin for waxing by desquamating the area and should loosen any ingrown hairs.  

The day of your appointment:


Taking a shower or warm bath prior to your appointment can help open the pores and assist in hair removal.

Please do not apply moisturisers to the area to be waxed on the day of your appointment – all creams, oils, and lotions can prevent the best adherence of the wax and so may not give you the cleanest result.

Waxing, especially in certain areas, can be uncomfortable.  Some people, especially those with a lower pain threshold, find that over the counter pain relief taken 30 minutes before treatment may help (obviously consult your GP if you are concerned about taking pain relief).   Similarly, I have known some clients exrol about the pain relieving effects of a banana an hour before waxing – please let me know if you try this and it works for you!


Whilst gentle moisturising is advised, please avoid highly perfumed products for the first 24 hours after waxing.  Make-up should also be avoided if you have had facial waxing such as eyebrow waxing or lip and chin waxing; deodorant is not recommended if you have waxed your underarms.

AHA’s may irritate recently waxed skin so these are best avoided.

Please do not steam / hot-tub / swim within 24-48 hours of waxing as perspiration can irritate newly waxed skin.  

Avoid sunbathing or tanning machines for 24-48  hours.

Try and wear loose clothing for 24 hours post waxing as waxed skin likes to ‘air’.

Similarly, ‘going hard’ in the gym along with tight fitting lycra can cause excessive perspiration and may cause irritation. If you are gym bound after a wax, it is advised to shower as soon as possible after exercising to keep the freshly waxed area as clean and bacteria free as possible.

Whilst newly-waxed skin feels amazing, please resist the temptation to touch recently waxed skin as the hair(less) follicles are open and bacteria can easily enter and may cause you problems.

Please do not arrange a chemical peel after your waxing.  If you have booked a chemical exfoliating treatment, please advise your therapist that you have been waxed recently in the area.

Between waxing appointments:

Sun-bathing ~ please try not to expose your soon to be waxed areas to harsh sunlight in the 48 hours prior to waxing.  Remember, waxing has an exfoliating effect – if your skin is pink from the sun and tender, please rearrange your appointment.  

Please exfoliate regularly (aim for 3+ times a week between waxing).  Whilst expensive exfoliating lotions and potions smell amazing, for waxing benefits, nothing can beat an exfoliating mitt, glove or loofah.

Moisturising will keep your skin smooth and will also help any pesky ingrown hairs escape the skin.

Please wax regularly ~ hairs of the optimum length (around 6-10mm) are easier to remove than hairs that are too short or those that have been left for a long time and may require trimming before waxing.

Waxing can be more sensitive just before or during your period so the TOTM is best avoided, especially for intimate waxing and / if you have a low pain threshold.

Please try not to shave between waxing appointments

Waxing can weaken hair growth. Very rarely this may result in ingrown hairs, especially if you forget to exfoliate regularly or moisturise. If you notice ingrown hairs after waxing, please leave them alone for at least 48 hours after your waxing appointment.  It is then advised that you gently exfoliate the area focussing on the ingrown hairs.  You may find that an antiseptic cream or tea-tree essential oil may help with calming the area; additionally, there are proprietary creams and lotions specifically for ingrown hairs that you may like to try. Magnesium sulphate paste can be purchased from most pharmacies which can ‘draw-out’ the offending hair.

Don’t lose patience with the waxing process. It can take several sessions for your hair growth to ‘regularise’ and for the hairs to all be in the optimum stage of growth for maximum results.

Most clients book their waxing appointments every 3-6 weeks ~ far more preferable to reaching for the razor every three days!

Intimate waxing

For Brazilian and Hollywood aficionados, please be advised that, after waxing your more intimate areas, it is recommended that you avoid sex for 12-72 hours ~ especially if you have sensitive skin.  Increased friction on freshly waxed skin in the area can lead to ingrown hairs, bumps, and infection.

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