Step 4 Coronavirus Update – What’s changing and how this affects you.

As you are aware, the country officially enters step four of the lockdown roadmap today, 19th July 2021.  This has been dubbed ‘Freedom Day’ by many and is viewed by a vast proportion of the population as the end of lockdown.  

However, as I write this, our PM is himself isolating, and the number of positive cases appear to be on the rise.

Consequently, I imagine you might be wondering what ‘step 4’ means to your appointments at Lorraine’s Treatment Room.

On the government website you will find the Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) : guidance for step 4 document for close contact services.  

I have gone through this document and considered all the priority actions and also the recommendations on managing risk within the workplace. 

I have collated the information so, please find below, what changes you can expect when you visit, what policies and procedures will be remaining, and how Lorraine’s Treatment Room will be moving forward to stage 4 of lockdown.


Adequate ventilation is believed to be a key to mitigating the spread of coronavirus. The door to the treatment room and the window at the opposite end of the room are kept open / ajar which presently ensures a good through flow of air.

I will revisit ventilation again as we come into winter (or it’s brass-monkeys and I can’t keep the door open!) and, if necessary, purchase an air purifier / fan to ensure the air is kept as pure as possible.

Following the first lockdown, on my professional association’s recommendation, a 30 minutes gap between clients was introduced.  This allows the door to be opened fully for thorough ventilation of the treatment room – this will remain.  

Cleaning Frequently / Reducing the Spread of the Virus

I am cleaning at the beginning and end of every working day; there is also 30 minutes between clients to ensure thorough sanitation of the treatment area.  This gap between clients and cleaning schedule will remain.

It is understood that surfaces and belongings can be infected with the virus.  I therefore request that you bring as little into the treatment room as possible and pop all your belongings into the plastic box provided.

I will continue to sanitise surfaces, reusable tools & equipment, other objects and touch-points thoroughly between clients. 

If a client uses the facilities, I will sanitise them (and all touch points on the way).

Prior to Covid-19 fresh linen has always been used for each client, this will remain unchanged. Linen is washed at a minimum of 60℃ with the addition of Dettol laundry cleanser.

At the end of each working day, the treatment room is sprayed with XtraProtect sanitiser.  This British-made product kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and continues to work for 7 days once dry.

We can all reduce the risk of spreading the virus by frequent hand washing. There will continue to be hand sanitiser at the area where you disrobe and I would be greatly appreciative if you could kindly continue to use this. Should you prefer to wash your hands, please feel free to use the sink and the disposable paper towels to dry (used towels can be placed in the foot operated pedal bin).

I work alone and, with Covid, there was a significant time gap between appointments implemented to ensure thorough sanitation and airing of the treatment room, this gap also mitigated your risk of bumping into anyone else whilst you are arriving or departing the treatment room.  The 30 minutes between clients will remain.

Having said this, please continue to arrive at your treatment time.

For those who have not paid in advance, I will continue to take cash, card and bank transfers. Prepayment and bank transfers are the safest way to pay, followed by contactless payments. Please note, change will not be given if you pay by cash but I will offset any overpayment against your next appointment.

Pre Screening and Turning Away People with Covid 19 Symptoms

The covid-19 pre-appointment healthcare screening form will continue to be sent out automatically with all appointments made online. It is no longer an official requirement for you to fill these out, however, I would appreciate it if you could kindly continue to do so.

If you are isolating, have been asked to isolate, have had close & recent contact with someone who has tested positive, or have any covid symptoms, please do not come for your treatment. Please either rearrange online or contact me to do this for you.

PPE & Facemasks

In treatments where there has always been a requirement for PPE, this will not change. 

Most PPE is non-biodegradable.  When PPE was enforced due to Covid, this will no longer be used. However, if you would prefer me to wear PPE for your appointment, please request this prior to your treatment time.

I have thought about this in depth and have decided that, for clients, face coverings will be optional.*  

I  want every client to feel safe and relaxed in the treatment room and have the best possible experience.  As part of my duty of care, when I am working on your face, such as facial waxing, lash treatments and facials, I will wear a mask for your comfort and safety.  

The treatment room is neither busy nor overcrowded and there will only ever be you and me in the room, couple this with the fact that all my wonderful clients are sensible and considerate I perceive making masks optional as a minimum risk.  

*Of course, if you feel more comfortable wearing a face mask, please continue to do so; similarly, if you would like me to wear a mask, please request this prior to your appointment.

Final comments/thoughts

I do hope this blog has helped communicate to you my ongoing covid plans and that you appreciate that I have considered the risks and taken what I consider to be the appropriate action.

Should you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or via the contact form

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